Repairs / Pricing & Fees


Many studios don't do repairs; it's hard to find someone with the experience and patience to do them right. But at Barragan Glass Works, repairs of most types of stained and leaded glass, including antique glass and Tiffany-style lamps, are one of our specialties. Maybe it's the years he spent restoring antique windows in L.A., but for Genaro, doing repairs is a great way to connect with the past and learn from the work of other artists.

In addition to repairing broken pieces or replacing old lead, we can give an old stained glass window new utility by adding a border or expanding the design to make it fit in a new spot.

Pricing & Fees

Pricing for repairs depends on many variables, including: how many individual pieces are broken, what type of glass is required to replace the broken piece(s), whether your art glass is leaded or copper-foil technique, whether you will require us to remove and re-install it, and how much time the repair will likely take to complete.

There is an up-front appraisal/estimate fee of $45 for repairs located within 10 miles of the studio ($75 beyond the ten-mile radius). The fee will be applied to the total repair bill if the work is agreed on. We also charge $150 to remove and re-install the piece being repaired. Actual repair fees are $65 per hour plus materials.

If you need additional information, please Contact Us or call us at (650) 222-7864 with your glass repair questions; we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for an estimate.